Winfred Cowell, Smedaphites, and the Aliens 2

Winfred Cowell, Smedaphites, and the Aliens 2

Author: Lee Ching Kai

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482894851

Category: Fiction

Page: 457

View: 355

After the horrors of an alien attack, the world is no longer as it once was. But thanks to a heroic human resistance, the powerful fire lord Zeda and his armies have been destroyed. the world, while currently tranquil, remains vigilant. That sense of safety is tested by a series of avalanches in Canada. Could this be simply a series of natural phenomena--or the beginning of a new campaign of destruction by terrorists? Hero Winfred Cowell decides to attack them at their home base in Africa, but his plans are complicated by the arrival of strange, deadly beings who have emerged from the Bermuda Triangle. Forces unknown have transformed humans into Allosaurus-like monsters. Worse, just when he needs them the most, Winfred has lost his abilities. Winfred and Margaret set out on a quest to take the royal items of Zeda and release his prisoners. Once freed, the creatures now follow Winfred and Margaret back to the Bermuda Triangle, where a terrifying monster named Polkren is preparing to attack the world. But when the creatures betray their human partners, events take a dire turn. Now following the commands of their new master, Polkren, the creatures attack New Jersey. Meanwhile, Polkren has activated the machine that transforms half of the USA and Mexico civilians into zombies. the battle will claim a powerful leader before everything is done. the forces of good and evil will both risk everything to win. Winfred must summon all of his courage and creativity when the unimaginable happens: Foxpin, the son of Zeda, comes to the Earth with a hundred spaceships at his command. and only one of the commanders is destined to survive this brutal, epic battle.