Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors

Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors

Author: Charlotte Cote

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295997582

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Following the removal of the gray whale from the Endangered Species list in 1994, the Makah tribe of northwest Washington State announced that they would revive their whale hunts; their relatives, the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation of British Columbia, shortly followed suit. Neither tribe had exercised their right to whale - in the case of the Makah, a right affirmed in their 1855 treaty with the federal government - since the gray whale had been hunted nearly to extinction by commercial whalers in the 1920s. The Makah whale hunt of 1999 was an event of international significance, connected to the worldwide struggle for aboriginal sovereignty and to the broader discourses of environmental sustainability, treaty rights, human rights, and animal rights. It was met with enthusiastic support and vehement opposition. As a member of the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation, Charlotte Cote offers a valuable perspective on the issues surrounding indigenous whaling, past and present. Whaling served important social, economic, and ritual functions that have been at the core of Makah and Nuu-chahnulth societies throughout their histories. Even as Native societies faced disease epidemics and federal policies that undermined their cultures, they remained connected to their traditions. The revival of whaling has implications for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of these Native communities today, Cote asserts. Whaling, she says, �defines who we are as a people.� Her analysis includes major Native studies and contemporary Native rights issues, and addresses environmentalism, animal rights activism, anti-treaty conservatism, and the public�s expectations about what it means to be �Indian.� These thoughtful critiques are intertwined with the author�s personal reflections, family stories, and information from indigenous, anthropological, and historical sources to provide a bridge between cultures.
The Genesis of the Bible
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Pages: 820
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Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-03-06 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

This book is about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and how the Arabs and Europeans took these Afrikan Religious Belief Systems from ancient Egypt, North Afrika and used them during The Trans-Sahara Afrikan Slave Trade by the Arabs in the name of Allah, and followed by The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade by
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African theology involves theology that reflects the original thinking of African people. Many African have expressed a need for the theology that reflects the original thinking of African peoples. Some theologians have recklessly labeled every aspect of African culture to be evil whereas others have expressed contempt regarding Christianity wrapped
Religions of South Africa (Routledge Revivals)
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Diasporic Women’s Writing of the Black Atlantic
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This book brings together a complete set of approaches to works by female authors that articulate the black Atlantic in relation to the interplay of race, class, and gender. The chapters provide the grounds to (en)gender a more complex understanding of the scattered geographies of the African diaspora in the
Blades of Justice and Carnage
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Pages: 410
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Humans, with the intent of demons, had displayed hate born out of wickedness. Vengeful, transparent phantoms surrounded the child. They were there to protect him! A silent cry for vengeance and a demand for justice seemed to emanate from the apparitions. Rise my beloved cygnet. Raise your sword... Like a