Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond

Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond

Author: Nathan Reese Maher

Publisher: Nathan Reese Maher


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 362

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Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond Tabletop Role-playing in the Afterlife The gates to paradise are shut, the dead are restless and a shadow war between the pharaohs threatens to consume the Great Beyond... and you just got here. Congratulations, you're dead! and the afterlife isn't what we thought. In this fantastical game you play as a spook, otherwise known as the dearly departed, in an Ancient Egyptian inspired hereafter known as the Great Beyond. Play as a bhoot, doll, ghost, ghoul, skeleton, vampire, wraith or zombie in a predominate Victorian society. Meet people from history, explore a rich and infinite world under the shinning lights of Necropolis, city of the dead. Tour infamous locations such as the River of Styx, manifest into the Spirit Realm to haunt the living, unravel the dreams of yesterday and today through the Dream Veil, brave the dangers of the Hellfire Lands or quest for the lost paradises of old such as Elysium, Valhalla or Avalon. How will you spend your afterlife? Game Features d6 mechanic that pools dice for purposes of determining fate and skill rolls. Non-class system where players choose their spook, select their skills and buy equipment without feeling restricted by class abilities. Watch this video for how to make a character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfsOEKxQ9G4 Statistic point-buy system that is determined on character level and not a variety of rolls. Characters don't die, they just faint. Improvise-friendly game where challenges and denizens can be created in a manner of minutes without spending hours ahead of game in preparation or cause large amounts of in-game downtime. Spell card magic system, where players can either use an official Spooks! WTTGB spell deck or use any playing card deck to track their spells. No memorization or spell slots on how often a spell can be used. Magic is tracked by magic points, much like hit points, and regenerate quickly. 24 historical non-player characters (NPCs) that the players can meet including George Washington, Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe and more. 12 organizations characters can encounter or possibly join in the afterlife. 34 magic items specific to the game 41 denizens to incorporate into your stories Plus all the rules you need to create your own spells, equipment, magic items and denizens.
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